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Accurate, Productive and Cost-Effective Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software for Physical Design of Interconnects for Communication Links
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SIMBEOR® Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software
for Design of Predictable PCB and Packaging Interconnects Operating at 6-112 Gbps and Beyond!

Simbeor 2024.01 with new SI Compliance Analyzer extensions for pre-layout, enhanced post-layout, and multi-board compliance analyses and new Compliance Browser for easy results browsing and reporting... Learn more on Simbeor APPLICATIONS from this short article...
Learn what was new in version 2023 with automatic post-layout compliance verification in SI Compliance Analyzer and extensions to build accurate link models above 50 GHz...
Did you know that Simbeor THz + COM script is all you need to design predictable SerDes Channels on PCB...
Learn how to use Simbeor in your design process to design predictable PCB interconnects with the systematic "sink or swim" approach from the last app notes...and webinars.
Simbeor® is the one-stop solution for all interconnect budget exploration or pre-layout, design verification or post-layout, material parameters identification, and macro-modeling tasks. Simbeor is the industry-first measurement-validated tool for design of PCB and packaging interconnects. The accuracy of the models is ensured in Simbeor through the use of advanced algorithms for 3D full wave analysis, benchmarking and experimental validation. Simbeor beats the competition hands down, when it comes to validation of analysis with the measurements! Simulation of data links with the electromagnetic models eliminates uncertainties of simplified models and guaranties the first pass design success.
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Accurate Provides systematic “sink or swim” approach to design predictable interconnects
Formally validated with measurements from DC to 50 GHz for analysis of 28-32 Gbps links
Causal dielectric dispersion and loss models with anisotropy and weave effects
Analysis of regular and multilayered conductors with unique models for nickel and surface roughness
Unique broadband material parameters identification with accurate patented algorithm
Unique macro modeling capabilities for consistent frequency and time domain analyses with S-parameters
Productive Unified SI Compliance Analyzer interface for interactive or automated interconnect compliance validation
Fast 64-bit parallelized electromagnetic, multiport network, and rational macro-modeling engines
Unique post-layout decomposition electromagnetic analysis in Board Analyzer(TM) tool
Fast and accurate frequency, TDR/TDT, PRBS and compliance analyses of interconnects
Fast synthesis of geometry for single and differential t-lines and via-holes with Via Analyzer(TM) tool
Automation of S-parameters quality assurance and all macro modeling tasks with Touchstone Analyzer(TM) tool
Fast interactive tuning and optimization of via geometries, material models and linear networks in SiTune(TM) tool
Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use
Cost-Effective #1 in price-performance (accuracy and productivity)!
Low cost, flexible subscription scheme, node-locked and floating or network licenses
Simbeor installation modules and overview presentations are available in Support/Downloads section (requires login).
System requirements: Windows 11/10/7/2008..., 64-bit or compatible operating system; 2-3 GHz or faster processor with at least 16 GB memory (64 GB prefefable); 3D graphic card with OpenGL support for faster graphics.
Additional materials are available in Support/Knowledge Base section (requires login).
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