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Accurate, Productive and Cost-Effective Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software for Physical Design of Interconnects for Communication Links
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We offer one hour technical webinars on subjects of advanced modeling of interconnects. These webinars are FREE and open to everyone (require registration at our site). Free Simbeor training classes over internet are also available on request from our customers. Half-day and one-day classes on advanced modeling of interconnects are now available on site in USA. To schedule a webinar or class and to receive the classes outline, please contact to Yuriy Shlepnev, tel. +1-206-409-2368.

All scheduled events are in Pacific Time. Here is how you adjust for time:
- Eastern Time Zone: add 3 hours from the start time.
- Central Time Zone: add 2 hours.
- Mountain Time Zone: add 1 hour.

You can either call into the webinar via telephone or listen through your computer speakers.
All recorded webinars will be available here within 2 days after the recording.

No webinars sheduled.

Past Webinars

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# Title Video PDF
1 Quality of S-parameter models Download / View Download
2 Material parameters identification with generalized modal S-parameters Download / View Download
3 Pre- and post-layout decompositional electromagnetic analysis of serial interconnects Download / View Download
4 Analysis to measurement validation with CMP-28/32 platform Download / View Download
5 Essential Steps for EDA Simulation-Measurement Mastery, Wild River Technology and Simberian Inc. Download / View Download
6 Laminate Materials Characterization for High Speed Applications, Wild River Technology and Simberian Inc. Download / View Download
7 High-Speed Digital Field Visualization of Currents and Crosstalk Download / View Download
8 Design of predictable PCB interconnects with systematic "sink or swim" approach Download / View Download
9 Life Beyond 6 Gbps: How to Predict PCB Interconnect Behavior at the Microwave Frequency Bandwidth View Download