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Accurate, Productive and Cost-Effective Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software for Physical Design of Interconnects for Communication Links
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Simbeor Testimonials

"...The way is see it, Simbeor is for everyday use of SI engineer, I don’t consider it as a point tool, but rather set of tools used in everyday SI work, all from plotting S-parameter, to TDR and eye diagrams, to quick and fast analysis of transmission lines and so on..."
Customer on Feb 28, 2018
"I'm grateful for many things this thanksgiving, but I must say I'm truly thankful for your help, patience and support during my 10G SI boot camp. My customer and I are quite pleased with the tool and support."
Customer on Nov 24, 2016
"The design has been built and I am in the middle of testing it at the moment. All the high speed channels are performing very well. All 12 of the 25 Gb channels have been running for 72 hours now with no errors. Simbeor has been a great help in fine tuning and verifying the design. ... Thank you for all your patience and help with understanding the tool!!!"
Customer on Sep 29, 2015
"Just downloaded the What is New in Simbeor THz. Truly amazing, fantastic!"
Customer on Apr 23, 2015
":) I really like Simbeor and it's user friendliness and accuracy, and I think when we present the technical rapport of it's correlation and what other capabilities it has beside being a full 3D EM solver, material identification, Touchstone model qualification, user defined dielectric models etc, my management team will see it and realize what I have been telling them, even though some our local SI specialist are endorsing other tools, I think for interconnect analysis, Simbeor beats down other tools. Facts don't lie ;)"
Customer on Nov 28, 2014
"We are looking for tools to help us design 5-10 Gbps links, all we currently have is HyperLynx SI/PI (not 3D EM).
I think Simbeor fits our needs perfectly. The Via Analyzer alone is a big time-saver I think. Also we will appreciate the other benefits of Simbeor.
It is clear you have put a great deal of thought into making the tool not only technically state-of-the-art but also usable for engineers like myself (only have experience with HyperLynx). I'm very impressed."
Customer on Jul 31, 2014
"My first impression of your software: It is a pretty small, fast and focused tool -- as opposed to "monsters" like HFSS or ADS. From what I have seen so far, I think its strengths/application in my context could be:
* Understanding the consequences of various stackups
* Understanding the consequences of certain discontinuities
* Determination of accurate transmission line parameters
* Optimization of vias (and SMA launches)
* Review of layout constraints"
Customer on Mar 3, 2014
"...On a positive note, we have good success with correspondence from our 28G Channel Modeling Platform to simulations of transmission lines, vias, resonators, coupled systems, etc., with both Simbeor and Ansoft HFSS software...(from blog on"
Alfred Neves - Wild River Technology on Dec 18, 2012
"I have been able to evaluate Simbeor, and I am in general very pleased with it. It is a breath of fresh air compared to what I had to endure with our "corporate tool of choice" (Mentor). I think Simbeor would fit our needs very well..."
Customer on Dec 18, 2012
"I tried few features of the Simbeor: Via Analyzer, manual adjustment of the via components, via EM simulation. Now I am trying to set up the transmission line decomposition and simulation and going through the procedure while watching the video presentation at the web site. The Simbeor fills the gap between system analysis software and analysis of the important but resource consuming parts of the high speed channel. I am seeing good benefit in using Simbeor in my project and next project my colleagues are working on."
Customer on Dec 18, 2012
"I'd like to say thanks for making such a great and affordable tool; we are basing all of our 12.5G and 25G work with this tool, as well as other system level tools."
Customer on Oct 4, 2011
"I must say, I'm very impressed with how your software is user friendly, intuitive and easy to learn and to use. We have license access to ADS, Ansoft, CST among others at *****, but I have tried one of those tools and gave up because it was very difficult to get started working with it.It's feels like you need to have an PhD in computational electromagentics to use those tools, and that I don't have :-)I have read your articles on the internet, I have learned a lot from them. Especially since my background in E.E from university is mostly in control theory."
Customer on Sep 7, 2011
"We use Simbeor2011 for a number of reasons:
1. Attractive price point
2. Good loss models that match a wide spectrum of materials
3. We like the rational compact modeling feature. It fixes a lot of problems with passivity/causality, and gets VNA measurements down to DC. This feature saved our bacon for VNA s-parameter data that only went down to 40MHz and we had aliasing in the system sim, which aggravated peak-peak jitter numbers.
4. straightforward
5. excellent support and supporting collateral
6. I like the way it solves material extraction problem using GMS.
7. The S-parameter touchstone analysis feature is a routine measurement check for us, it quickly identifies calibration issues, poor measurements.
It picked up on a bad VNA cable in minutes!

We worked with them the last several years and developed several white papers for 3D EM correspondence to measurement and system simulation. They put the time/energy into proving methodology."
Alfred Neves - Wild River Technology on Feb 15, 2011
"I have been using Simbeor to refine a millimeterwave flip-chip interconnect. Modeling efforts have been quite successful, and a key result was incorporated into a marketing briefing that was presented yesterday. The simulated results from Simbeor were a subject of discussion initiated the customer. He had not seen such a broadband s parameter performance for a flip-chip interface, and he wanted to know how it was modeled. Including this simulation (materials, stackup, 3D view, and s parameters) really improved our company credibility in the eyes of the customer.
Thanks for making such a useful product."
Customer on Dec 8, 2010
"Overall, 2011 is a much improved user experience (larger circuits, faster, impedance estimates when adjusting Tline width, renaming in Solution Explorer) - great work."
Customer on Dec 7, 2010
"Just had a quick look at the new Simbeor 2011 and it certainly seems much quicker in 64-bit mode and the new features look very useful."
Customer on Dec 3, 2010
"By employing the Simbeor tool for stripline PCB analysis, you not only get an advanced tool capable of precise material characterization, but also world-class technical support for all of your modeling and material questions by an expert in the field."
Andy Becker - Cray Inc. on Feb 9, 2010
"Simbeor is the most intuitive 3-D field solver I've used in my 30+ years as a signal integrity and design engineer. Unlike its competitors, Simbeor doesn't require a background in fields or electromagnetics to create first-time correct and properly functioning circuit and S-parameter models of traces or vias. In fact, it's remarkably easy to use.
The Simbeor help-file is clearly written and is useful. First time and infrequent users will find that the well thought out example files make it possible to create solutions in just a few minutes. The Simbeor white papers are topical, up-to-date, and educational. All in all, this tool is a real value for the money."
Steve Thierauf - Author, and Signal Integrity Consultant on Jan 25, 2010
"Simbeor provides us a capable environment that allows us to accurately analyze the true electrical performance of physical structures. We were able to get up and running solving real problems with Simbeor quickly. The XML data format has made it easy for us to manipulate structures outside the program for "what if" analysis. We are very pleased with this product."
Steve Weir - IPBLOX, LLC on Jan 22, 2010
"Simbeor is probably the easiest to use 3D full wave solver on the market, and the app notes Yuriy has written are the best on any website. With the starting examples provided, the learning curve from the start of a project to getting meaningful results will be measured in hours, not weeks, as with other sophisticated 3D full wave field solver tools. --eric bogatin"
Eric Bogatin - Bogatin Enterprises on Jan 22, 2010
"I was very happy with the correlation. I was able to achieve. I was also surprised at how quickly I was able to get that correlation. I also liked the way your software gave an automatic evaluation of the quality of the S-parameter data I have."
Customer on Aug 4, 2009
"I've been quite impressed with the results of the fitter on large multi-port files, both in terms of speed and accuracy"
Customer on May 31, 2009
"The more I use the tool, the more I love the way how the menus are constructed and the dependencies are built in."
Customer on Oct 19, 2008
"I am very impressed by Simbeor and think your help section and documentation is the best I have seen. I am very impressed with what it can do and how you have tried to make it easy to use."
Customer on Sep 23, 2008