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Accurate, Productive and Cost-Effective Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software for Physical Design of Interconnects for Communication Links
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Simberian Corporate Office
615 Hampton Dr. Unit B306, Venice, CA 90291, USA
Telephones (from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, USA):
Main office: +1-702-876-2882, virtual +1-408-627-7706
Fax: +1-702-482-7903

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General information:
Simberian Corporate Office

Simbeor Distrubutor in EU (France, Belgium Wallonie, Luxemburg, Switzerland Roman,...):
EDA Expert:

Simbeor Distrubutors in Japan:
KEI Systems and ATE Systems
Email: KEI Systems (J)

Simbeor Distrubutor in South Korea:
Terabit Solutions:

Simbeor Distrubutor in China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam:
Polar Intruments Asia Pacific Group: