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Accurate, Productive and Cost-Effective Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software for Physical Design of Interconnects for Communication Links
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Altium LLCSimbeor simulation technology is available in Altium Designer 19 (synthesis and analysis of traces in stackup manager).
Istvan NovakDr. Novak is distinguished engineer at Oracle-Sun. In his free time he teaches signal and power integrity courses through Besser Associates, CEI-Europe and University of Oxford. Dr. Novak uses Simbeor solver to investigate behavior of interconnects and decoupling structures for his classes.
Step Response SI Consulting, Inc.Incorporated in February, 2008, and founded on 20+ years of SI and design experience, Step Response SI Consulting provides signal and power integrity engineering services for PCB systems design. A key business value we offer is quick response, on-demand engagement with clients for on-site or remote collaboration with design engineers and PCB layout designers at all stages of the design process. Step Response is proud to be a distributor and an established user of Simberian software products and services.
Teraspeed Consulting Group LLCTeraspeed Consulting Group LLC enables clients in the design and implementation of extreme performance systems. As independent consultants, Teraspeed provides the knowledge and insight to help customers become successful. Teraspeed can provide training and consulting services, or become a valued adjunct to your engineering team. Engineers from Teraspeed use Simbeor in multiple projects such as Physical Layer Reference Design board product and measurement-based material parameters identification methodology on the base of Simbeor's models.
Wild River TechnologyWild River Technology is a company conceived by a dedicated cadre of engineering folks who intimately understand the everyday challenges of the signal integrity practitioner. Our marketing and product concepts are born from years of practical experience working in high-speed design and test environments. Our focused products are not only reasonably priced but are also supported by aggressive customer support. We are dedicated to the art of superb signal integrity practice.