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Accurate, Productive and Cost-Effective Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software for Physical Design of Interconnects for Communication Links
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Simbeor available for evaluation?
Yes, Simbeor is available for evaluation. Go to Downloads/Software section and follow the instructions to download the installation module and to obtain your free fully-functional evaluation license.

How much does Simbeor cost?
Simbeor is advanced and yet the most competitively priced electromagnetic analyisis tool on the market (it is number 1 considering price-performance).
To see current prices, click on Prices & Order Form.

What are the main reasons to use Simbeor in my design flow?
Here are the top 10 reasons to use Simbeor electromagnetic signal integrity software:
1. Algorithms are validated with measurements up to 50 GHz!
2. Unique patented algorithms for dielectric and conductor roughness models identification;
3. Advanced models of transmission lines (largest part of interconnects);
4. Fast via-hole and transmission line geometry synthesis;
5. Fast and accurate pre- and post-layout de-compositional electromagnetic analysis;
6. Quick compliance analysis in frequency domain;
7. Unique quality assurance for Touchstone models;
8. Unique macro-modeling capabilities for consistent frequency and time domain analyses;
9. Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use;
10. Simbeor increases throughput of SI engineer - It is simply #1 in the price-performance or accuracy and productivity!

What are typical Simbeor use-case scenarios?
Simbeor can be used as a stand-alone tool for:
1. Dielectric and conductor roughness model parameters identification;
2. S-parameters model quality assurance and macro-modeling;
3. S-parameter and compliance analyses of links without Tx & Rx;
4. Test fixture S-parameters extraction and de-embedding;
Simbeor can effectively compliment system-level tools (HSPICE, ADS, ...) with the following capabilities:
1. Building advanced full-wave models of interconnects (in both pre- and post-layout design flow);
2. S-parameters model quality assurance and macro-modeling;
Simbeor can also compliment capabilities of HFSS or CST solvers with:
1. Dielectric and conductor roughness model parameters identification;
2. Analysis of t-lines with advanced dielectric and conductor roughness models;
3. Precise analysis of planar discontinuities;
4. S-parameters model quality assurance and macro-modeling;
5. S-parameter and compliance analyses of complete links without Tx & Rx;

Why do not just use a general purpose 3D electromagnetic solver for multiconductor line analysis?
General purpose 3D electromagnetic tools usually extract S-parameters of a segment of line in spatial domain. They do not directly extract parameters of multiconductor transmission lines that you can conveniently reuse as a model for segments with different lengths in a SPICE-type simulator. Per unit length parameters can be extracted from S-parameters of a line segment, but it is not a trivial task to say the least. In addition, meshing requirements for accurate analysis of multiconductor lines are prohibitive if you want to achieve practical accuracy especially in characteristic impedance. Tools with optimized performance for stratified geometries (planar 3D or 2.5D) provide much high accuracy for planar problems, but have some limitations too.
Technical presentations on transmission lines cover this subject in greater details.

What is better done in Simbeor vs. competitors?
Generally speaking, Simbeor does not compete with any other tool. Simbeor is the unique electromagnetic signal integrity tool that can be used as either stand-alone or compliment any traditional SI or general-purpose electromagnetic tool on the market with unique features. Here are the main areas where Simbeor surpass or compliments the other tools:
1) Advanced models of transmission lines with causal modeling of dielectric properties, roughness and high-frequency dispersion.
2) Unique set of dielectric models for PCB and packaging applications - wide-band and multi-pole Debye, and recently added dielectric mixture and anisotropic dielectric models. See more at What dielectric models are available in Simbeor?
3) Advanced multi-parametric roughness models. The roughness modeling is extremely important for the analysis of structures on low-loss dielectrics. See more at How to define conductor roughness?
4) Unique via-hole geometry synthesis and electromagnetic via-hole models comparable with some competition.
5) Unique numerical de-embedding of discontinuities for high-precision extraction of S-parameters for de-compositional analysis of long interconnects. Together with the localization de-embedding enables fast and accurate pre- and post-layout decompositional electromagnetic analysis.
6) Unique semi-automatic de-compositional analysis of imported PCB geometries - discontinuities are selected in the editor and linear circuit and blocks for em extraction are automatically created for the analysis.
7) Quality analysis of and quality enforcement for Touchstone models - causality, passivity, reciprocity, symmetry.
8) Powerful algorithms for conversion of S-parameters into rational compact and broad-band SPICE models - works both for electrically long interconnects and for connectors and package models with hundreds of ports with ensured passivity from DC to infinity.
9) Unique patented algorithm for extraction of broad-band properties of dielectric and conductor roughness models from measured S-parameters with generalized modal S-parameters. Dielectric losses can be separated from the conductor losses.
10) Unique algorithm for test fixture S-parameters extraction and deembedding that actually works for PCB applications.
11) Last, but not least, Simbeor is easy to learn and easy to use and is #1 considering price-performance! It increases productivity of SI engineer and reduces time to market!